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adj. The feeling of great sadness felt after a rave ends. The only known cure is going to another rave. Depression can last from several hours up to several months. May take a while for symptoms to occur
A:I just got back from a rave!
B:How was it?
A: F****** awesome!
-Day later_
B:Whats up?
A:I hate everything
B: Must be rave depression
by z1andonly July 03, 2010
noun. When internet folk add unnecessary letters to their words. It can pass with some girls or if using it as if you were speaking but normally they look as dumb as hair extensions.
A:Where were you?
B:At the Olive Garden where were u?
A:At the Olive Garden...wait which one did you go to?
B: The one on Mainstreet, thats where I said to go.
A: Ohhhhhhhhh
B: >:l
A: What? I just realized that I f***** up
B: Sorry I thought you were using word extensions, myyyy baddd
A: Youre so gay
by z1andonly July 03, 2010

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