3 definitions by z man zan

one who's bung hole is gapping, or largly streched out from taking huge dumps or large amounts of cock in the ass.
"Dave has been fucked up the ass so much he must have a gapping bung."
"Daves dad had a gapping bung after shitting him out"
by z man zan August 11, 2009
someone who talks shit or sucks alot of cock
that chick sucked John, and Ryan's cock last night, and then gave them both the snow ball. what a whorish mouth she has.
by z man zan August 11, 2009
some one who is being a butthead, or a dumb dumb, also some one who may be actting as the have something logged in the anal cavity, like a butt plug.
Hey John stop tickeling the midget, your being a bumbo clatt. or, Hey why you being such a bumbo clatt, did you forget to pull out your butt plug?
by z man zan August 10, 2009

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