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the most undefinable stench coming from the human body after a night of dropping 40s in the way of a fart
jason: Man, i just killed a rose bush with that beer fart!
by z man March 10, 2005
what a black guy says to another black man
you wanna hit da club?
"yeah nigga yeah"
by z man March 07, 2005
a master of the art of anal sex usually working with a ginormous unit
hes known around the ladies as a regular "Anal Mastadon"
by z man March 10, 2005
the victim of being lit up or hit beyond belief.
the dumbass who tried to bumrush the stage was shalacked by security
by z man March 10, 2005
what is done while driving a 1975 firebird and burning whoever is crazy enough to challege you
zoltan: yea i was doing a little hammer dropping as i burned justin's 1970 monte carlo
by z man March 21, 2005
what happens to the left side of my 81'regal when anyone over 200lbs sits in the pasenger seat during a right turn
Zoltan: Dammit jason, my shockes are going shit1
by z man March 10, 2005
usually an older female who has the ability to take two cocks at the sametime
david's mom is an avid double tuber
by z man March 10, 2005
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