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1. People who are highly knowledgeable about technology, especially digital technology such as computing (IT) and communications (together, ICT). A portmanteau word, "technorati" combines "technical" and "literati".

Singular: technorat.

Synonyms: technoscenti.

Antonyms: newby, luser.

2. An Internet tool and website intended for such people: capitalised as "Technorati".
Joe's one of the technorati - he wrote the book on the Unix Korn shell.
by yuyiya November 26, 2011
1. People who consider themselves the literati of the digital age.
2. Arty geeks, as distinct from technorati or tech-head geeks like script kiddies.

Singular form: digiterat. Cf. technorat.
Joe's one of the technorati - he dreams about scripts to bulk change Unix permissions. But the digiterati are people like Mary. She's so cool she uses her iPhone to photograph a politician giving a speech, downloads and runs an app to morph it into a damaging caricature, and uploads it to Wikileaks before he's finished talking - all while tweeting about it and drinking a chai latte.
by yuyiya November 26, 2011
Incoherent mental state resulting from a severe blow to the head, or an equally debilitating emotional shock.
"Jim was really into the concert last night, head-banging till dawn. He's suffering from confussion, and won't want any breakfast."

"OMG! Sharee went ape-shit when Billy bailed on her. The whole thing's left her with a ginormous confussion."
by yuyiya December 07, 2011
1. A new "con", or "confidence trick", intended to deceive or rob innocent people.
2. Any person who uses such tricks.
3. A digital Matrix effective at duping Neo.
A: My father used to bamboozle us all with big words. But I learnt to blind my kids with science. Now my son baffles his kids with statistics.

B: That's so last week! The neo-con blind-sides the digiterati with vitriolic tweets and a blog about success backed by his YouTube degrees.
by yuyiya November 26, 2011

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