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In football, an attacking role behind the strikers; forward playing, free-role attacking midfielder; plays in "the hole" (between strikers and midfield). Some would say this is NOT an attacking midfielder: it is vague enough, and seen differently in different areas.
Del-Piero; Totti; Zidan; Riquelme; Bergkamp
But performed to a high-art by Messi
"Did you see how he dropped deep to pull the strings himself?
yeah, that play was trequartista redefined".
by yuviken April 11, 2010
a sign, an indication of something, a clue, an appearance befitting a specific situation or event.
how did she know you were hot for her?
err, that clue was a serious tell tale, I guess
by yuviken May 05, 2010
In football, play less than to one's potential, due to self inflicted obstacles. Be less free and flowing than usual, due to some psychological block.
Term introduced, and used constantly, by Arsenal's manager Arsene Wenger (who also introduced several other terms, as "footballistically", and others.
"I believe in the first half we were not sharp enough, we played a lil bit wiz de hand brake, and we didn't create many chances".
by yuviken February 22, 2013
hebrew - totally uncool, disappointing, shitty, the opposite of sababa
1. "What baasa - not only did my team lose, our major player got injured and finished the season".
"take the baasa with sababa, dude, it's not the end of the world".
2. "I trashed the car, and insurance doesn't cover it".

"What baasa".

"you don't know the half of it".
by yuviken March 08, 2010
greek meatballs in tomato sauce, Asia minor origin
pronounced : su-(t)zu -kay-kya
Not Yamaha - Suzukakia!
by yuviken October 29, 2010
greek meatballs (one of several styles)
"afta ta yuvarlakia einai iperkha" - these yuvarlakia are awesome!
by yuviken October 29, 2010
common manners after a sneeze, "bless you". means "in health"' or "with/to health". origin yiddish, gezunt=health.
gezunthait! now do you mind collecting the paper from all over the room?
by yuviken October 28, 2010

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