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the best kind of shoes ever. you can customize them to your hearts desire. they come in a range of colors and patterns. not to long ago they were strictly worn by rockers, grunge, emo, ect.... people, but now-a-days everyone wears them. other shoe companies got jealous and decided to make a cheep ugly rip off -_-. recently the price on the SKYROCKETED! i used to get a plain, good quality pair for $16 but now i got a little fancier pair for $70! HOLY SHIT MAN! yah wanna know why? FLIPPIN NIKE! they were jealous too so they bought 'em out. anyways converse came out in 1908 and were the first b-ball shoe. (made by chuck taylor)
2000: *me in shoe city* hey mommy can i get a pair of converse? they are the bestest. ($16)
2009: HOLY CRAP MOM! $70?!!!! WTH? what has the world come to? *cries*
by yurmommy November 11, 2009

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