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Narnia is the best god damn place a kid could visit. Better then Disney Land. This magical land is believed to be complete bull shit, only because it is known as fantasy in our world. Any person who says they swore they have been in Narnia is telling the truth, yet no one will ever believe them. In the magical land of Narnia, animals can talk, and magic is real. The end.
FALSE = "Dude, I just visited Narnia yesterday, god damn it was awesome."


Lary- "You guys, I just visited a place called Narnia yesterday! The animels could talk!"

Joe - "Sure you did, and pigs can fly."

by yur September 15, 2006
A verbal disagreement or dislikening statement to another comment. Used in almost any situation to exercise negativity during conversation. Essentially a way of saying no, or I can't be bothered.

Can be used as a vehicle to insult another person, or a way to pile upon another's misfortune.

Also hyperbolised by adding fat as a prefix.
"Do you want to come to a movie?"

Someone falls over on a bike.

That guy is such a yur.

We have geography next period.
That is a fat yur.

Steven Gerrard slips in a football match.
Yurrrrrr stevie g.
by Yur January 27, 2015

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