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Spantaculous is a word used in similar occasions as the words awesome, spectacular, great and other words with a positive meaning are used.

The word's origin is yet unknown. But it is a fact that it was not invented by youtube star Dan Brown (as in, not the famous author) in his vlogvetica video "Spantaculous".
Jokes-person-who-watches-youtube-vlogs: "Have you read John Green's books? they're supposed to be SPANTACULOUS!"
not-so-jokes-person-who-doesn't-like-computers: "uuuuu... who's John Green? and what are books?"
Cool-person-who-watches-youtube-vlogs: "wait, you know what 'spantaculous' means?"
not-so-jokes-person-who-doesn't-like-computers: "yeah, don't you watch vlogvetica?!"
by yupyupdatsme January 18, 2010

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