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24 definitions by yup

A symbol which was and still is used my Nazi and Neo Nazi groups. The symbol is commonly mistaken for the sign of peae and prosperity used within the Hindu belife. This is a misconception because where as the shapes may be identical, the Swatika is flipped vertically and rotated 45 degrees.
The Nazi's arm patch portrayed a swatika and eagle.
by yup October 21, 2003
128 116
A skirt that is so short that when she bends over, you can see her snapper
her cooch was showing because of her turtle skirt
by yup August 12, 2004
23 15
Definition : knuffles = cuddles

background : WINMX... /action knuffles (someone).
Sam knuffles Lei all night long.
by yup September 05, 2004
8 1
noun; something that is not completely awful, but not great either. The middle road between standard and lanyard.
The party wasn't great. It was malagnard.
by yup June 24, 2004
6 1
A fat ass brown person
Look at that carmel puff!
by yup June 30, 2004
8 6
Fat ass black person
Look at that steak puff!
by yup June 30, 2004
10 8
like fuckin out of control awesome u cant get any more fuckin awesome than this shit. its like sooo goood that its sweet but like soo bad taht its nasty like too extremes combined to make fuckin sweet nastyness
"yo my skills are sweet nasty"
by yup April 21, 2005
8 7