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A beautiful sexual goddess! Fully capable and well equipped for easily arousing any mans loins. She is very capable of getting what she wants by any means with rarely having to use her unparalled persuasive skills. Her attitude is nonchalant about everything unrelated to her own personal agenda; so either get with her program or don't stay for her show! Mysterious as she is, you will never know how she is truly feeling. She hides her feelings well behind a either a smile or the middle finger. An excellent speaker as well as a party fiend. She is every mans dream but could turn nightmare from her impulsive behavior.
"Who was that Katie girl at the party last night?"

"I don't know but she was the life of the party; I really feel sorry for her date!"

"Yeah me too, that Katie was everywhere."

"Sure was, I wouldn't mind following her though!"
by yungntelleck April 17, 2009
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