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a song with a nice beat made by dj unk.
guy 1:"dj unk has a new song called 2 step"
guy 2:"i don't care"
#cool #rhythim #dance #step #dj
by yungbuck4ever April 28, 2007
1. an insult for a homosexual person
2. just something you call someone you hate very much, who you think is both gay and an ass
3. george dubya bush
1. so i made out with a guy? im no gayass, i was just drunk
2. brad has been such a gayass, im gonna cap that muthafuckin lil bicthy 'tard.
3. george dubya bush is such a gayass, the war in iraq and 9-11 are both his fault. if you like bush you are either a gayass or a dumbass. or both.
#dubya #gay #dumb #fucked up #retard
by yungbuck4ever April 28, 2007
what i would very much like to say to George H. W. Bush
Oh my god why did Bush get re-elected? can't i just say bye bye to that dumbass hick?
#bush #sucky #gay #dumbass #bye
by yungbuck4ever April 28, 2007
kick ass rapper in g unit. he has much more talent than 50 cent and lloyd banks and tony yayo all together, and hes got an ill flow in his songs. just recently released his album, "buck the world", which includes songs such as get buck, slow ya roll, pocket full of paper, puff puff pass, and 4 kings, just to name some favorites. he is a true gangster
"watch me do my thang, i got these hoes open, im ridin presedential like the shit that im smokin"- get buck by young buck
#young #buck #gangster #g unit #g-unit
by yungbuck4ever April 28, 2007
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