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when you smoke so much marijuana that you are unmotivated to even move- and every muscle in your body feels like it's being weighed down by a huge weight like a stone (hence the word STONED) you feel really heavy and have intense, very enjoyable tactile hallucinations and usually feel complete euphoria so you just stare off blankly and enjoy it.
I'm stoned. go away

I've never actually been stoned before. I've been very very high but never been ACTUALLY stoned.

wow. no one here besides me knows what "stoned" actually means do they?
by yummy mustard February 12, 2006
consumption of rediculous amounts of food, usually junk food, after smoking marijuana. contrary to popular belief, you aren't actually "hungry" persay- it's more like you lose self control when you're high. you don't care if you get fat, you just crave the sensation of eating, like if you'd never eaten before. you also don't ever feel full even though you might be aware that you are.
"I had some powerful munchies last night. I had a bratworst and drank some straight mustard, and six almond joys and some salted cheetoes with ketchup and pepper"

"I got the munchies like a mofo. got any cookies?"
by yummy mustard February 12, 2006
highness can't actually be described in just one way or another. it varies from person to person and for each person it's an ever changing experience. there are levels to it, depending on what you're smoking, how much, your body weight, etc... and the things you do while you're high affect what it's like. the levels (that I've found) go as follows:

buzz high- not actually high. you laugh at stupid shit and think about stuff. if you've ever mixed mountain dew and beer it's probably about like three of those. (wouldn't recommend drinking three of those btw)

clear mind- everything seems clear and makes sense and everything just falls together. like if you've ever meditated imagine the same feeling when you finish times 5.

window/window high- where you feel like you're sitting in a movie theatre watching a movie of yourself smoking pot, you lose feeling in your muscles. not like your leg's asleep more like you're a cyborg or some shit. you might find yourself staring at your hand because you think it's cool how you can make it move just by thinking about it. the difinition in the #1 spot describes it pretty well.

tingle high- where everything you do feels CRAZY good and you can feel/smell EVERYTHING. you get tingly all over sometimes too.

twizTID high- where you truely, honest to god aren't sure who you are or whether or not you're dreaming- you only remember things for a second or two and nothing feels real.

then comes stoned- where you lack the motivation to even move and every muscle in your body just... dies like you're being weighed down by huge stones (that's why it's called stoned) so you stare off and just enjoy the sensations coming at you.

lsd high (or mental high) where you start to see leprichans and after that comes unconcious.

I'm not just high- I'm twizzztid. who the fuck are you?

'ah yes.. I remember the first time I got high. I smoked two dimes worth of skunk before I realized I was so toasted I saw a leaf and swore it was a rabbit that was eyeballin me' <--- (true story, btw)
by yummy mustard February 12, 2006
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