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NOT YaMaMba...bloody americans....Yamamba is a japanese demon, yama"N"ba is a subculture which is fashion driven also known by the name ganguro girls, visably identified by intense tans, bleached hair and white, pink, or other vibrantly colored make-ups.In ganguro fashion, a deep tan is combined with hair dyed in shades of orange to blonde, or a silver gray known as "high bleached". Black ink is used as eyeliner and white concealer is used as lipstick and eyeshadow. False eyelashes and sparkling face powder are often added to this. Platform shoes and brightly-colored outfits complete the ganguro look. Also typical of ganguro fashion are tie-dyed sarongs, miniskirts, and lots of bracelets, rings and necklaces.Yamanba (ヤマンバ, Yamanba?), is a newer term often used to describe extreme practitioners of ganguro fashion. Yamanba feature darker tans and add white lipstick, pastel eye makeup, tiny metallic or glittery adhesives below the eyes, brightly-colored contact lenses, plastic dayglo-colored clothing, and incongruous accessories to the ganguro look.
Some yamanba wear stuffed animals as decorations. The male equivalent is called a "center guy"
by Yumiko June 22, 2007
The best online female gamer you will find anywhere in the UK

Foss : ;) you get me
by yumiko July 14, 2007
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