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2 definitions by yum-yums

A form of 'orgasm' or intense pleasure that is derived from technological gadjets and gizmos galore. This pleasure is mostly experienced by nerds, geeks or other related stereotypes.
Person A: "are you having another technogasm over your new Xbox 360?"
Person B: "Yes!! I'm in geek Heaven!" *drools*
by yum-yums October 23, 2006
A mixture of cocain, heroin and marijuana. The cause of this mixture was first created by accident when a rogue albino panda plunged into a small house that was located two blocks from the city zoo. The rogue albino panda had been missing for days. Besides the spare scraps it had rummaged out of local trashcans and the small children it had consumed it was very hungry. Seeking food in the small single wide it had uninvitedly entered it found itself in a 'drug party' out of pure rage inanimate objects along with living 'animate' objects, humans, were thrown about. This mixture of chaos just so happened to mix together three unsuspecting druggie's 'goodies' and created the all-time compound of 'coherijuana'.
"Tommy fell victom to the coherijuana fix, poor guy ended up dead in a MALE strip bar....in a tutu!"
by yum-yums October 03, 2006