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The antonym for misogynist. A woman who hates men.
A misogynist is a conservative promoter of patriarchalism in decline. A misoandrist is an angry human being who struggles to accelerate that hopeful decline.
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
A cardinal twisted sexual priority known as being very subjective, and suceptible to be misunderstood or stereotyped by others, including potential partners. Kinks are profoundly healthy, but very difficult to share properly.
You are a bi he-female, I am a bi she-male. So far, so good. I believe we can match our kinks.
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
Feminine for macho. A though modern woman who cracks men's emotion like a peanut shell, uses them for her sexual pleasure, and dumps them, usually fast enough not to let them even try to become seductive or interesting.
Only the modern macha manages to give the declining male what he really deserves in a "romantic" relationship.
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
A synonym for "being or turning bisexual" or "getting curious towards one's other sexual side". That term is derogatory and describes bisexuality from the unilateral point of view of an exclusive homosexual and/or heterosexual stand.
Karla is not completely a lesbian. She is rather... mixed up.

Maybe she is bisexual?

Possibly. But we still love each other dearly.

I have no doubt about that
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
The situation of having an excessively proeminent cock. Mistakenly considered an asset, the fact of being cocky is actually a major flaw in the process of feminization. A he-female dominatrix wants her slutboy to become less cocky, and takes the proper actions to reach that aim, using among other instruments, a cock-eraser. Sometimes she can be slightly entertained by a cocky slutboy. She then makes him temporarily wear a cock ring.
The Mistress: You are definitely too cocky, my little ladyboy. We will have to squeeze your arrogance very very tight from now on.

The slut boy: My arrogance? You mean: my genitals?

The Mistress: Male genitals, male arrogance. It is the exact same thing, cocky boy. Come here. Put that cock-eraser on for me. Let's get to business.
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
A discriminative attitude grounded on the gender criteria, and more specifically -our society being still what it is- a discriminative attitude towards women.
Sexism is the last pathetic reflex of declining patriarcal masculinity. Violent and stupid, or soft and systemic, sexism remains sexism...
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
An instrument used to squeeze the penis and the balls together. It produces an immense sensation of feminization which any masculine individual really serious about sex and love should entertain and meditate.
The day when every man will use regularly a cockring will be a day of cooler, calmer and more respectful mutually enhancing sex.
by Ysengrim December 31, 2003
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