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the Italian soccer team, who can hold a soild defence and push forword when they see their opprotunities, the person who wrote about they whole thing about how evil italians are, hes probly 19 years old, lives with his mom, and is very proud of his polish ansestry, the italian team rocks and will keep rocking for ever
paul: hey have you seen how good the azzurri are doing in world cup 06'?
some english person: you itlians are soo ignorant compared to us, your team are cheaters, the only reason i say this is because i am very gay, litterally, and feel i must try to put people who are better than me down
Paul: dude shut up the england got knocked out by portugal
#awesome #world cup #totti #toni #nesta
by ypressurself? July 08, 2006
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