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A small town in West Texas that has a population of roughly 115,000 people. It is around two hours away from Dallas, TX and is known mainly for its three private Universities and for Abilene High School, its main high school whose football team has won several state championships. It more recently has become known for its newly-built medical magnet high school named Holland Medical High School. While most who have never been to Abilene or assume sterotypes because they are ignorant about real Texans and assume it is lame and full of rednecks it is actually a culturally diverse town full of men and women who have manners and highly intellectual conversations. Those who are from Abilene (Abilenians) are very smart and appreciate the arts and are well rounded with a good sense of family and proper morals because they have not grown up in a larger city full of unneccesary partying and unneccesarily rude persons. Abilene is not an exciting town in the least to those from towns full of night clubs. Fun is more retro such as going to parks, movies, the lake, or strolling the historic downtown area. Abilene is a good place to raise a family and many do choose to raise their children in Abilene and later move so as to have children who are more respectful of things and people though they may move to bigger cities.
He is from Abilene which is why he is a gentleman
by youwishyouwerethisawesome0385 January 16, 2011

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