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Winchester, aka WinVegas or Wincheesey is the center of the drinking culture on the east coast. Because all parents are rich CEO's/lawyers/doctors in Boston (which is wicked close) they are either work-a-holics or alcoholics, perfect for the party scene. The work-a-holics leave empty houses for their children, having either a business meeting, jetting down to the "islands" or some other exotic vacation locale, while the alcoholics supply booze for their underage children. Teenagers are rich, and pretentious, and the future of America. We hate all of our surrounding towns, especially woburn, or "the woo", frequenting their sporting events only to yell "don't drink the water". We support all boston sports teams, sox, pats, celts, bruins, and probably have season tickets to all of them. We pop our polo collars, and wear or seven jeans, and will buy off the police officers who catch us having our "ragers" at open houses or in the woods at the "fire spot" or "the rock" if we couldn't make it to whipple hill. This town is the shit, and we know it. Wincheezy up, Woo town down.
Oh, she's rich? Her parents own a company? She's wearing expensive jeans? She has a summer home on the cape? She loves the Red Sox? She can drink more than the average 40 year old male? She must be from Winchester, MA.
by youwish February 24, 2006
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