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Extremely cute girl on youtube. Makes weird videos about the most random things yet has tens of thousands of teenage subscribers who just watch her videos to stare at her boobs.
I only subscribed to mememolly's videos because she was pretty, not because her videos were any good.
by youtubeaddict August 11, 2009
A website that you can make, watch, comment, and like videos. It can also ruin your life
Example 1
Becky: Did you see my new YouTube video?
Jessica: Yes! I liked it.

Example 2:

Jessica: You okay?
by YoutubeAddict April 07, 2015
A nice boy, but if you get on his nerves will turn into Satan and fuck you up the ass with his falling penis
Person: Yeah. He's a Nathan.
by YoutubeAddict April 07, 2015
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