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self explanatory
get the fuck down

get the fuck down motherfucker
get the fuck down fucking motherfucker
by youtube.com/youpussyclownprods April 21, 2011
some motherfucker that is also retarded

or tarded (-pigtarded, -sucktarded, and stuff)
this mothafucka is bright now sucking on my fucking cock u fucking motherfucktarded son ofabitch

count it up bitch, ill fuck u down u pussy u down,

pussy u down?
by youtube.com/youpussyclownprods September 14, 2010
Experienced jazzmusicians that also could scat singing while ass trumpeting, this art of music expression was invented by pig-flatulence-singers(that also founded rusty gillespie) in the 1920s when jazz had it's raw form.

Jazzsingers often pushed a trumpet in their ass and started to fart while helping it by the scat-singing or even double trumpeting(from ass to mouth), the most famous ass trumpeter was DIZZY GILLESPIE who invented all kinds of gillespie-singing (mouth to pig ass, pig ass trumpeting, rusty gillespieing pig ass...), he often had several trumpetes by self and trumpeted in broadway.

The successor of dizzy gillespie was Scatman who is now the most famous rusty gillespie singer in the world, scatman mastered ass trumpeting in the 50s while having an accidental sexual event with a pig(olympigs 1950 in tokyo).
Scatman mastered his scat singing and ass trumpeting from the first to the last pig in his career of a pig championist and ass trumpeter
by youtube.com/youpussyclownprods September 01, 2010
+ non alcoholic drink mixed from human sperm(jizz) and tonic
(usually used as a substitute for dopping for athletes)

+ non alcoholic shot mixed from any sperm + tonic, usually drunk like a tequilla shot by whores/sluts/cheap prostitues/expensive prostitutes/hoes/ and other kind of bitches

(sometimes executed in pure form: squirting sperm in the whore's face and at the same time pouring it with tonic)
dave: hoe, give me now $47 for this blowjob and i wont charge u for this jizz&tonic
by youtube.com/youpussyclownprods April 20, 2011
Scatman, he often pot belly pig Olympigs championist Tokyo was racist towards becoming a problem we do not even Scatland recorded his album. The super Kireisukyattoman su, su song blew the pig to achieve his anus in the record command, he actually, he still has to admit that stuttering is not the best performance, all he It is to manually blow air into the pig's ass had to fart in his mustache, it is the secret of his I have since he was only knew that tried to meet the pigs ourselves in 12 years that I, my grandfather received a Scatman in our house, we drink classic Suntory Brewing him alias' gave pig urine 'and he went crazy ...
the upper part is the backtranslation of a japanese, so it sounds funny although it makes more sense in the original "rena yamada's interview about scatman"
by youtube.com/youpussyclownprods September 06, 2010
a nickname for a dude that fucks other dudes in the ass
fuck his ass seabass

dont fuck my ass seabass
by youtube.com/youpussyclownprods September 16, 2010

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