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According to New York City Photographer Avi Avnair who coined the term, a "Streetist" can be..

1. One who understands the mentality and psychology of residents of urban areas.

2. One who is makes a hobby of exploring sketchy urban areas.

3. One who is VERY streetwise, has a high level of street sense/logic.

4. One who has an appreciation for urban areas that have a worn or decayed look.
Jim, you can't walk Brownsville alone tonight. Bloods and Crip will maul your pussy ass. I'll call Jamal to walk with you, he's a REAL streetist.
by Youth March 05, 2012
when the hair around your arse starts to itchy.
blood: hey G

G: what blood

Blood: i got an itchy beard

G: safe blood
by youth May 24, 2004

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