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A decent size town in CT, located between New Haven & Hartford. There are two high schools; Sheehan is on the west side and Lyman Hall is on the east side. These two schools are huge rivals and most of the kids hate eachother. Weekends consist of house parties, woods parties, bonfires, or just driving around smoking/drinking because theres nothing else better to do. Once out of highschool many weekends may be spent in downtown new haven at all the clubs. No one usually goes that far for college. The majority of people will go to UCONN, Southern, Central, and some other close schools. Wallingford is pretty much a bubble. If you live there you will probably live there the rest of your life and hang out at all the same places with all the same people. Once 21 you can go to the center of town and bounce around those bars and thats probably as exciting as your life will ever get living here.
I live in Wallingford, a pretty boring town but I'll probably never leave it.
by yousuck1234 April 17, 2006

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