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This definition is referring to Highland Park, TX. Highland Park is a community often referred to as "the bubble" in North Dallas, TX. Here, everyone's pretty due to rich men who marry beautiful women and make pretty little babies who will grow up to be pretty little parkies. Most everyone claims to be Christian, most everyone claims to be Republican, and some actually know what they're talking about, too. Highland Park High School may boast a good education, but they spend all their money on sports. Who needs an education? Now onto the students of Highland Park High School. About 98% of the kids drink or smoke. The typical HP girl runs cross country, is dating a guy who plays football, has a given name of Madeline, Madison, Caroline, Emily, or Elizabeth, is white, voted McCain/Palin when the school had its presidential election, is blonde with blue eyes, is in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), is part of the Roots club (girl's Christian club), and got totally shitfaced last weekend at so and so's party. But they still managed to show up at church the next day, wearing a dress that probably cost about $100-200 more than its worth. Needless to say, not every girl in Highland Park is like this, and not every guy is a douchebag. Just the vast majority.
Actual conversation I had yesterday with this guy who knows my brother and was driving me home:
Him: Hi, I'm John. Your brother hates me.
Me: Hahah really? Why?
Him: Because I always make fun of him for being a democrat.

Actual bible study at my church in HP:
Girl: I just don't understand how someone could be an atheist. They know they're going to hell.
Me: My brother's an atheist.
Girl: Hate to break it to you, your brother's going to hell.

Actual conversation I had with a freshman boy:
Him: I think it's stupid that my girlfriend doesn't wear makeup.
Me: Why? She's just naturally pretty.
Him: Because why would you just wanna be naturally pretty? Makeup makes everyone look better. Every girl needs makeup, it's just a fact of life.

While babysitting with my guy friend:
Him: Let's go check the parent's alcohol stash!

Facebook status when Bin Laden was killed:
Him: Now that we killed the sand nigga, let's get the other nigga out of the office.

Conversation during the 2008 election:
Girl: If Obama gets elected, I'm moving to Canada.
Me: Why?
Girl: Are you stupid? He's a terrorist.

Conversation with people from other schools:
Them: What school do you go to?
Me: Highland Park.
Them: Oh.. (looks down in disappointment)
Me: (sigh).
by yourtypicaltheatrekid July 09, 2011

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