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That fat roll that begins to develop on your girlfriend's tummy, which coincides with how much she bitches at you. For most girls, bitchfat is absorbed back into the body upon breakup, almost instantly, laying in wait for the next victim.. er.. boyfriend.
- Kevin never comes out with us any more. What's up with him?

- You ain't seen Theresa lately?

- No, why?

- Ah. Take a look, she's over there -

- What the...? She used to be all tiny and sweet... No wonder we don't see Kevin any more. She's got the bitchfat goin' on, don't she?

- ... aaaaand circle gets a square.
by yourtruck March 24, 2014
When someone who usually thinks they are better than everybody anyway, completely flies off the handle at the smallest change or problem - usually something minor that most people wouldn't even care about.
"What's going on?"

"Oh the usual Chaditude stuff"

"Shit. What is it this time?"

"Some idiot from the crew came up onstage to get his beer while we were playing, I guess. I didn't see him."

"Yeah, I saw that guy. He's having a total Chaditude about it, isn't he?"

"Totally. Shhhh... listen. You can hear him screaming at somebody... and this is a brick wall!"

"Too bad. I kind of liked this club."

"Yup. Me too."

"Well, maybe it won't get that bad?"

(brief pause.)
by yourtruck January 09, 2013

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