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A University of New Mexico Lobos fan who consistently shows up on non-related websites just to hate on another team.

A Trollbo will complain about other teams on their own team related websites and also complain about other teams on their websites due to obsession, low self esteem and creepy predator-like behaviors which are accepted among their fan base.

Trollbos consistently show lack of knowledge on any sport and enjoy making up phrases such as "signature loss" and creating a story that someone else other than UNM fans coined the term. Trollbos lose most conversations due to complete ignorance thus their need to make a name as the ultimate sports trolls.
If UNM is playing Colorado State, a Trollbo will spend 75% of their time obsessing over SDSU and in turn go onto a game board where SDSU is playing Nevada and 50% of the total posts will be Trollbos obsessing over SDSU.
by YourOpinionIsWrong January 23, 2013
One of the weirdest ideas a student group has ever made in the history of the NCAA. Lobotology is a cult like division of the University of New Mexico Student Section. The students/alumni, also known as Trollbos, have written prayers and have named coaches and players as saints. A website has even been created to breathe life into this creepy Lobo religion.
Lobotology is the worship of athletes and coaches at the University of New Mexico
by youropinioniswrong March 10, 2013
The San Diego State Aztecs are the collegiate athletics and sports teams for San Diego State University (SDSU).

They have one of the best Student Sections in the country known as "The Show"

The University is also known as one of the "finest" schools in America, not due to academics, but due to how gorgeous the student body is.
San Diego State Aztecs have the most combined Mountain West Conference Men's Basketball Championships and MWC Tournament Championships than any other team currently in the MWC.
by youropinioniswrong March 10, 2013

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