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Dracut High sucks. The catwalk leaks. Heat/AC barely ever works. Our windows are plastic. We have shitty janitors that just sit on their asses all day and smoke buts. Classes are a joke. Same with the teachers. We have the shittiest food. This school's filled with drama and sluts. The school only cares about football. It's filled with a bunch of hicks and Lowell wanabies with Boston accents. There's probably a total of 10 black kids in our school and a few of Asians and Puerto Ricans... everyone else is white. We have the most stereotypical lunch; where 200 kids are packed into a shitty cafeteria with a separate clique at each table. There aren’t too many fights, but when there is one, the whole school knows within a matter of minutes. There are STD ridden sluts roaming the halls with their tits hangin out and asses showing (not complaining). If your from here you know that the A-wing bathroom if for smoking buts. Our school is filled with fags/band geeks. 10% get good grades. About 90% are involved in sports. All of us smoke pot, drink and party. There are at least two pregnant girls currently in our school. If you go here you know what ATT stands for. Freshman suck. We won’t pass reaccreditation. We have a crazy apron lady. Everyone hates Nunbuns. Everyone has a shitty car except the random Asians that pull up in M3's or Mugen's. The ONLY thing that DHS students hate more than Dracut, is Lowell.
Dude: "Yo that chick from Dracut Senior High School was soo dope!"
Guy: "Dude I know, I smashed."
Dude: "Oh.. It was nice knowin ya. But your prob guna die of AIDS."

Kid: "Yoo keed whats goody"
Kid2: "Uhhhhhg i got such a hangover"
Kid: "Yeah that football game was illl last night bro"
by yourmomsfupa April 06, 2011

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