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The Sexiest thing to ever walk the face of the earth. The most amazing brilliant girl in the world, who is also drop to the floor sexy!!!! Ghettoness to the max!! She'll scratch your eyes out so whatchout.Sexy Mother fucker ,Likes to suck dick.smart, pretty fun loving girl. She is loved by all her friends, and hated by others because they are jealous. She is original and she's got spunk!amazing lover, funny, intense, sexy, loving, passionate, caring, generous, sweet, yummy,The most beautiful girl in the entire world. She has piercing eyes and a smile to match them.An outstanding lover; A girl who can get down and do the nasty with excellence.The girl who is on my mind all of the time.She's good in the sack.The girl who likes to sometimes take things slow but deep down she knows she's gorgeous and cant wait for you to get into her pants. A girl who party's all the time and gets wasted every time, (good time to take advantage of her).Someone who is amazingly hot who makes your heart skip a beat. Everyone druels over them.Hands down the most beautiful girl in the world.
Tiia is Drop dead sexy , "cant wait to get into her pants"
by yourmomisgay5678 October 14, 2011

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