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Drama kids are usually rather wierd. It is a common misconception that they are loud and abnoxious, which is not the case at all. Drama kids are both passionate and life-loving. They all MUST depsise gym and sunlight, or else they are NOT a true drama freak. They refuse to dress out for gym, and are often disturbingly pale due to the amount of time they spend inside the theater. They are often indie and alot of them like skinny jeans a little too much. Drama kids wear alot of rainbow shirts and enjoy randomly bursting out into song during lunch. They love to have seizure-like spazz attacks in front of people, and think that it is hilarious when they all get shunned by the preps and jocks. Drama kids are always friends with eachother, and they rarely break out of their tightly knit group. They listen to show tunes obsessively and over the weekend when asked by a non-drama kid to hang out, they usually reply "no i'm watching rent maybe later."
the only way drama kids get through annoying classes like gym is by imagining that they are completely alone on stage.

it's kind of wierd.

but i LOOVE drama kids. they are like the coolest people in the universe.
Kathydrama kid: omg brandon did you see rent??
brandonjock: what the hell is rent? my parents are rich...we OWN a house.
kathy: *rolls eyes dramatically* you are a disgrace to the planet earth. *turns and quickly sprints off toward the drama room to sing the sound of music with fellow drama kids*
by yourmom22222 February 24, 2007

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