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he is the sexiest little emo boy since that other little emo boy who wore pants... girly pants... anyway he is related to GERARD WAY.... yeah and he also owns you... u must love the sexiness
"I think we're metal in the sense that we have a lot of metal on our instruments...and I have quite a lot on my belt buckle as well."-Mikey
by yourmom April 23, 2005
The capital of the State of New Mexico. Located in the north, about 3 hours from Colorado, Santa Fe is a mountainous desert region. With a very rich culture and history, Santa Fe attracts lots of artists and hippies, making it a very liberal town. The people are very friendly and laid-back. Santa Fe is often called the 'Land of Entrapment' because most people who live there for a significant amount of time either never leave or come back eventually. Some believe this is because of the intense energy the town posesses.
I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
by YourMom July 30, 2004
A very beautiful state in the USA located north of Mexico, south of Colorado, east of Arizona, and west of Texas. It's capital is Santa Fe, and it's largest city is Albuquerque. New Mexico has a very rich history. The majority of people who live there are Spanish, Mexican, Native American, or white. Spanish is commonly spoke there. Also an attraction for hippies, artists, and rich people. New Mexico stands out with very distinct political and cultural ideals from the rest of the United States. New Mexico is also known for Los Alamos National Lab, which has caused a great amount of pollution and is not supported by most New Mexico residents.
New Mexico has a specific type of red and green chiles which do not grow anywhere else in the world. They are used in almost every restaurant in the state. If you order a dish you will most likely be asked "Would you like red or green chile on that?"
Red Chile is more earthy and robust, while green chile is more fruity and usually more spicy. You can also ask for 'Christmas' which means both.
New Mexico is a desert region.
by YourMom July 30, 2004
A phrase used to describe action in various situations. Most commonly used to describe taking a hit from a bong or a joint, but can also be used to describe 'hitting' a bottle of booze. etc.
Also used to describe sexual activities.
1. Hit that shit and pass it over here.
2. He is so hot. If I had the opportunity I would definitely hit that shit.
by YourMom June 28, 2004
a jamaican jew
a jew that acts jamaican
"damn son look at that jewmaican"
"that rasta jew is known as a jewmaican"
by yourmom November 07, 2004
Santa Fe, New Mexico. A play on New Mexico's state saying 'Land of Enchantment' (which is also true), because people either never leave Santa Fe or they return eventually.
Man, Santa Fe is the Land of Entrapment.' I'll never be able to move to California.
by YourMom July 30, 2004
A extreamly fat women. One that packs their fat into cars when they enter them. We are talking mamoth. Derived from the phrase "that chick beeps when she backs up."
Oh my god!!! We've got a beeper here!
by yourmom April 13, 2004

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