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Chloe 68 up, 16 down

A powerful name for a very spirited woman

Chloe’s tend to be very intelligent, witty, humorous and sensual. For some strange reason they have the most intense eyes you will ever fall into. Up to this point in time, there has been over 56 years of intense research into this phenomena; but even with the (some may say extreme) amount of resources and time spent on this quandary by the most brilliant minds of the modern age, there has been no feasible conclusion and a distinct lack of even hypothetical consensus as to how or why this breathtaking mystery occurs.

Any Chloe born under a fire sign; especially the dominant star (sun) will be a force to be reckoned with; while "Becki's" and other assorted scum will be uncontrollably drawn towards the power that is Chloe; unless they change their evil ways, they will be consumed by both the passion and fire that is inherent in these ethereal yet earthbound goddesses.

Do you ever get the feeling that there is more to life; that something is missing that makes you incomplete?

Do you feel it on a dark night; does it haunt the corners of your vision?

Is it on the tip of your tongue, but you just can’t quite identify what it is that is lacking from your meagre existence, the one thing that has always been missing?

So many questions; only one answer: Chloe

"man... im so lonely, so depressed, so tired, so sick, so sad, so hopless, so unloved... wat do do?"

Doctor- "Chloe"
by yourma1234 June 05, 2009

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