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Text message sent from a straight male to another straight male, or from a straight male to a lesbian consisting of the word "Mantext," some play on words containing "mantext" within, or any phrase including or ending with "mantext."

In essence, "Mantext" operates on the theory that non-sexuomantic texts are always meant with a degree of disappointment, especially those from men (your bros) labeled "Mantext."

The most demoralizing Mantexts are received by those anxiously anticipating a ladytext, preferably on a rainy Friday or Saturday night while watching Redtube.
"Mantext ."

"Lets not argue about semantexts."

"I got 99 problems and a Mantext is one."

"Mo Mantext Mo Problems."

"Happiness is a Warm Mantext ."

"Mantexter United"

"Mantexter City"

"I hope you're not mantexturbating right now."

"The I v s b e Mantext "

"Holy Mantext Batman!"

"Mantext Episode IV: A New Mantext "

"Mantext Episode V: The Empire Mantexts Back"

"Mantext Episode VI: Return of the Mantext "

"Michael Manntext"

"Payton Manntext"

"Mantext Ramirez"

"Hevenu Shalom A-mantext !"

"Did somebody order a Mantext ?"

"It's raining Mantexts!"

"Mantexts of Mass Destruction."


"To Mantext or not to Mantext."

"There's no Mantext in team"

"But there's a Mantext in win."

"I'm gonna make you a Mantext you can't refuse."

"Official U.S. Military Policy: Don't man, don't text."
by yourfrienddan October 03, 2009

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