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A guy who is way to cocky and thinks way to highly of himself. A guy who is afraid to commit to the one girl who has never let him down, even though he said he regrets not being with her. A guy who will tell you he feels one way and then the next day he will change his mind. This guy is also a complete smart ass and can be a dick. A guy who will regret ever letting a certain girl out of his life because he wanted another person.

A guy who could be great, but holds himself back.
Wow, that guy did that to her? He has to be a Dustin.
by yourfaceishilarious September 02, 2010
it's the female version of a cock block

i.e. if a girl prevents another girl from getting laid
Girl:"yeah so i brought over this guy and my room mate totally ended up being a twat swat."
by yourfaceishilarious September 02, 2010

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