12 definitions by your_mom

mah spammah dogg
DJ_Samurai and I are ganstah
by your_mom November 07, 2003
A very cool guy who is extremely SEXY.

zero_skater77 > SirPimpalot = FAGGOT
zero_skater77 PWNS SirPimalot :D

by your_mom November 07, 2003
1:being spykes=owning a queer group
2:translators stealer
Stop doing being spykes man!=Stop stealing translators!
by Your_Mom June 27, 2003
mah dogg
Raven is mah dogg you foo.
by your_mom November 07, 2003
Online Pussy - Used on online forums
"Yo dog OP to RP conversion in the works over here"
by Your_mom January 22, 2005

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