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A secondary school located in Bucks County, PA. The typical student who attends CB East is rebellious, egotistical, bitchy, and just a plain asshole. If you don't have many friends, participate in class, or not outgoing/good-looking, your not cool enough. The teachers at this school secretly hate the majority of the CB East students; therefore, they fail them on purpose and blog about the students in their spare time. Mid-aged female, single teachers are looking to score with the hot-headed moron-of-a-head principal. The Head Principal walks the halls and views all the girls as simply eye-candy...heads up ladies!! stay out of THAT office! The reputation people have at CB East, are shady, shallow, slutty, skanks, scumbags and superficial.
"I am dumping you because you go to CB East High School."

"I couldn't graduate CB East High School because the Head Principal doesn't like me...and I am a guy =P"

"My English teacher at CB East High School, blogged awful things about me and my handicapped brother."

"Do not go to CB East High School."
by yourXworstxnightmare26 December 18, 2011

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