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Mega douche is someone who has exceeded all expectations of the common douche. One who has reached such a level of douchiness that people would rather play in traffic than deal with that person.
Man, look at that crane operator he's such a mega douche why did they send him out here, he should go under a rock and die!

It takes 5 douches to make a douche nozzel and at least 5 douche nozzels to make a meeega douche! which has more douchiness than aleast 15 annoying people.

Mac: Hey I got a new transformer!
Sac: Oh yeah which one?
by your sister 69 me January 09, 2010
the business end of a douche the part that does the real nasty work, smells and stained

when douche bag just wont work!
Man, Wade crittenden and Nathan wright are such douche nozzels
by your sister 69 me January 09, 2010
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