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A common word used to describe someone who has posted something hateful in the brony community (mostly on derpibooru.org). The word is a joke on a misspelling of dick
Brony 1: Fluttershy is worst pony!
Brony 2: Op is a duck.
by Your real name March 01, 2013
A graphic beastiality pornographic film involving sexual acts with a donkey.
Porn stars who are past their prime may be seen in a donkumentary.

Tijuana is the Hollywood of donkumentaries.
by Your Real Name March 13, 2009
When people (typically women) in two adjoining rooms, such as in a hotel, motel, or house, are partaking in sexual intercourse and begin to compete to see who can have the loudest orgasm and to prove who's man is more sexually pleasing.
Guy #1: Dude last night me and my girl were at a hotel and she got into this crazy orgasmoff with the girl in the next room!
Guy #2: What a coincidence! My girlfriend did the same thing last night too!
Guy #1: Wierd!
by your real name March 01, 2012

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