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a person who uses their blue tooth headset when unnecessary, or leaves attached in ear when not having a conversation.
person 1: do you see that blue tool over there, the one sitting down, not doing anything but still using their headset?

person 2: yeah. lets go murder her!
by your progenetor June 15, 2007
Played by college age males. Usually beginning before a heavy night of drinking a group of males will all put money into a pot, after which they will consume massive amounts of alcohol and attempt to hookup with the ugliest girls they encounter. The next morning he who got with the ugliest decided girls wins all the money from the night before
Damn any other week I would have won, I can't believe Milan would actually hook up with a tranny for 50 bucks.

Best hog night hook up ever
by your progenetor June 15, 2007
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