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to me beauty of nature shouldnt be defined as sun all the time or what beauty in a polaroid picture would look like, and oregon isnt. yes it happens to rain a lot in Oregon, which causes mud. but its the rain, the mud, the trees, the grass, the animals, etc. that make Oregon full of nature.
which is true beauty. Some people on here said oregon only has two places you can visit and then whoo hoo your done, UMM FALSE only a not true oregonian could say that. Oregon has so many cool places to go to that arent always listed on maps or computers, but thats what the cool thing is, take one day to just go around and expore oregon and you'll be interested. Theres more places than moultnomah falls and the columbia river gourge. While many states have their skyscrapers and city lights, Oregon has its mountains and trees and can actually see stars at nighttime because theres no bad polution. You'll also find a wide variety of people in oregon, and you'll meet some of the most awesomest too. You cant judge oregon and say that its ugly and that it has no things to see when you you mayb eglanced out the window and saw trees or the columbia river, tke the time to exlpore before you judge. its one thing to look at a hill covered in trees than to actually climb the hill. And what i mean is in oregon you'll see the columbia gourge maybe but once you go on the hikes there and see all the animals and the beauty of the place you'll get a whole new perspective. Trust me.
theres that beautiful state full of nature with stars that fill the night sky durring the night and the clouds that surround the mountains high on the horizon durring the day.
animals all around.
oregon is where some of the TRUE nature is at.
by your oregon girl July 21, 2010

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