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westwood is an ameteur vanilla ice. hes a mother f*cking punk b1tch ass cracker clown. he is clearly british and yet tries to talk american slang. to quote some from many: "yo dog that is mad dodgy"... "holler"... "your ride is mad depressing dog".. and moving on, why the hell have those kn0b rashes at MTV let westwood host pimp my ride UK? i saw the first one.. i thought "ok.. this white fool must be a one off".. and then i see him on the second one.. and then, davina mccall is on it (what the f*ck??).. he really.. REALLY.. lets down the rep of pimp my ride! xzibit and west coast customs made a name for that show, and westwood came along and took a white-mans-turd all over it. and the garage that the UK cars go to.. what the hell? ok first off, the garage HAS NO NAME, and at west coast customs, they sit at a large oak table with multiple plasma screen tv's in the back and countless chrome rims. at this "mystery garage", they sit on boxes and write their ideas on a cardboard table that reaches just above their knees. and their names.. BLUEY... PINKIE.. WTF?!?! i am ashamed to live in a country where they broadcast this shite show.
Person who gets pimped: "YESSS IM GETTIN PIMPED"
*westwood arrives*
Westwood: yo dog, your ride is mad crazy but your rust game is tight
Person who gets pimped: aint u british?
Westwood: no dog thats mad wrong, im a wannabe!
Person who gets pimped: ok..
Westwood: so come on homie, you want me to pimp this ride?
Person: umm.. if you want
*person who gets pimped is gettin pissed off*
Westwood: dog your ride is mad weak, you got a tight rust game
*westwood lies there still.. bleeding*
*Person who gets pimped repeatedly kicks westwood in his cranial area*
Westwood: dog stop thats mad painful, yo, holler
*westwood isnt moving and is bleeding from several areas*
by your mums daughters husbands wife September 11, 2005
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