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An apartment building in the southern end of Cumberland RI that is home to many OG'z (old white ladies) who cause traffic jams while walking across the street to the local stop and shop. Has no resemblence of Queensbridge whatsoever. However it is ironically located right next to the main street housing complex where all the real gangsters are.
Yo you best not go to Cumberlandbridge or you'll be shot up on Fha block (get stuck in traffic while an old lady tries to cross the street)
by your mothers testicles April 29, 2012
Nicknamed "CF",A shitty, bankrupt, one square mile city in northern Rhode Island where about 17,000 people reside. It consists of mostly triple Decker apartment and mills and is a realtively dirty city. Over 50% percent of the population is Spanish and the rest of the population is mostly black. Its pretty much a ghetto city with one of the worst high schools in the country and is an overrun by drugs. Bottom line is that its not an ideal place to live.
Barrington kid: Oh shit your from cf? Does your house get shot up all the time?

CF kid: Nah but the kid who lives next to me just got shot yesterday.

Barrington kid: I'm lucky my parents make an income if 3,000,000 dollars every year so I don't have to live in central falls.
by your mothers testicles February 12, 2012

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