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When you insert your cock inside the crevece formed by two breasts, preferably large ones, and the owner of the breasts takes the two breasts and moves them up and down your cock until you splooge all over her face.
Your mom gave me the best BOOB JOB last night.
by Your mother. December 15, 2003
The mental retardation version of the word "genius". In the movie, <I>Flowers For Algernon</i>, the main character, Charlie, expresses his yearning to become smart and to be a "geenass".
Boy Kim, when you said that stupid thing today, I thought, "Gee, Kimmy sure is a geenass."
by your mother. June 11, 2003
A middle/high school in saginaw, where you are either, a loser, a poser, a goth, a freak, a nerd, a ghetto gangster, or skater. While being extremely intelligent at the same time. Oh yeah, and where you'll meet some of the most inriguing kids in the world, and the teachers (feldman) trying to intruige the kids.
A school with styrofoam walls.
Whoa, look at that goth that just killed herself, must be one of them SASA kids...

Look at that poser, trying to act like one of those SASA kids...

Man, I was rejected from SASA, they said I wasn't smart enough, or emotionally prepared.
by Your Mother. April 30, 2005
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