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When someone puts a finger in your ass.
Forget the foreplay, finger my skippy.
by your mom inc July 29, 2006
Droping mud in a bowl and getting the splash back on your balls.
The worst place to get a whiblet is at a truck stop.
by your mom inc July 29, 2006
A single sheet of toilet paper folded twice, then while your still on the can and your anus is still flexed out, you place the paper(using your middle finger)at your asshole. As you stand your paper will get sucked up and stay there to prevent soil all day, or at least till full.
To prevent chaffing, use a wedge.
by your mom inc July 29, 2006
When a bitch has a man back.
I cant fuck that bitch doggy style because of mack.
by your mom inc July 29, 2006
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