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Thousand Foot Krutch is a Christian Rock band from Canada. Formed in high school, the current members include Trevor McNevan, Steve Augustine and Joel Bruyere.
Thousand Foot Krutch rocks face. I love their new CD!
by your mom's anarchy March 31, 2008
Lacey Mosley is the lead singer of the rock band Flyleaf. Her life's testimony is incredible, as seen in the above entry, and her voice and lyrics are beautiful, but she refuses to take the credit for herself: "I'll show you what he did, but I won't take the credit/ It's not mine anyway, I just held the pen that day." -fron "Penholder"
She's also physically beautiful :)
"You know Lacey Mosley?"
"Yeah, i love Flyleaf! She's awesome!"
by your mom's anarchy March 31, 2008
The regretful feeling one gets after posting a message, comment or UD definition online that cannot be removed.
"I kind of have poster's remorse about calling that guy on youtube a bitch for liking Sum 41 last night, he might not realize I was kidding..."
by your mom's anarchy April 05, 2008
An audio file format. Generally used to illegally copy, download and share music files, usually grossly low quality, incredibly irritating when the only file type available for downloading (i.e. itunes). Takes up more bytes per qualitum than WMA files, yet gets chosen over them because it has no restrictions on illegal sharing.
I didn't have enough money for the Anberlin cd, so i downloaded it from wal-mart's website. Little did i know, they stopped selling WMAs, they only have fucking MP3s now. It sounds horrible.
by your mom's anarchy May 09, 2008
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