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When you're pooping and the turd hits the toilet water with enough momentum to splash your butt with poop water.
Aimee shivered while wiping the loduca from her backside.
by Your man Jsiah June 23, 2009
When a girl grows her pubes out long enough to braid, the resulting braid is known as a mavirocel.
"Dude, the brazilian wax is so not hot. I'm into chicks with the mavirocel. Just Hold on for the ride. Know what mean?
by Your man Jsiah June 23, 2009
The act of pooping on the floor in a public bathroom, rather than pooping in the toilet.
"Dude don't go in the bathroom. I'm calling the janitor. Somone dropped a Caseil."
"Ugh nasty, I'm glad I don't have to clean up that Caseil."
by Your man Jsiah June 24, 2009
The act of urinating on an animal.
Man, John is a sick nut. He spotted a chipmunk chilling in the park yesterday, and got close enough to unzip and Peragallo it.
by your man Jsiah June 22, 2009
An Asian who thinks they're more intelligent than non-Asians simply because they're Asian.
They do not realize that non-Asians are not impressed by their vast knowledge of Dragon Ball Z.
"Rose is such an avena, we're partnered up for this math class, and she won't trust any of my work, just because I'm not Asian."
by Your man Jsiah June 23, 2009
A loud, booming laugh, that is not justified, but rather spurred by the most unfunny things. It may often be followed by laughing snorts.
"Man did you hear Jenna's peragallo when I said hi to her"
"Yeah man, I could hear that peragallo from all the way down the hall. WTF? That girl is such a geek."
by your man Jsiah June 23, 2009
A turd so large it won't flush down the toilet. Usually has to be broken in half with a plunger
Stay away from that burrito dude, you'll have to drop an Ann.
by your man Jsiah June 22, 2009
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