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Sticking yur head up your ass.
by your mamma February 26, 2003
Some pathetic loser on the Vestibule who's only topics are about his "Gay" tendancies. The dumb schmuck got pwn3d hard though, on the sex health and dating board.
Pathetic Liar on IGN. Only topics ever posted are about his gay tendancies.
by Your mamma November 22, 2003
a pro wreslter who can beat your ass and beat your ass good while running around in a pair or trousers
Look! there goes an ozinader!
by your mamma August 17, 2003
Its whats for dinner;the other white meat
I eat a baby!
by your mamma March 05, 2003
The abriviation for Treasure Island the strip club.
Lets all go to TI!
by your mamma March 05, 2003
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