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Is a very hairy girl. Has a jungle in her pants, full of jungle cats. Smells like B.O. & ass! Sucks her stepdaddy's dick for a ride. Gets it in the ass by her dog & broha. She's poor and can't even afford a nice pair of shoes. Steals bras from people to make it look like she has boobies. Begs everyone for food, cause one again she is poor and can't afford food. Her house is dirty& smells like ass, cause she is too busy to clean when she is spray painting her walls and watering her plants. She lies so much, she believes her own lies. & she doesn't know her own age & she isnt even sure her name is Wenda. Plus she got nappy poodle hair. & LOVES SMELLING LIKE ASSS.<333 So everybody hop on the B.O. train ;)
If you smell like B.O. Your name gotta be Wenda!
by your lover ;) 1234569878 March 23, 2011

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