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1. The two fucking motherfuckers/whores in my class...

2. The bitchiest bitches in my whole fucking school....

3. The girls in my class that shamelessly flirts with every human being that has a dick dangling between his/her legs..

4. I think one of them is a lesbian and a nymph...actually, both of them are nymphos...
1. Let's just call them; Lesbo and Nympho...!

2. L&N (Lesbo & Nympho) thinks that they're so fucking hot when in reality they look like a fucking horse shit.

3. The boys in our class usually avoids them but some man-whores wants to get their dick inside of them.

4.Lesbo seduced Nymph once and Nymph didn't hesitated to get her dildo in her locker and had sex with Lesbo in our rarely used elevator.

***slut-a-whore bitches!!!!!***
by your lives are useless!!!! March 11, 2010
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