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the best cartoon ever(nickelodeon). spongebob is a yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea in an underwater city called bikini bottom. even though its a kid cartoon i still watch and my grandpa still watches it as well. they do hide dirty jokes in it as well. example:
barnacleboy:i have had enough playing second banana to a man who wears a bra!
spongebob also lives with his snail, Gary, which is supposed to portray a cat because he meows. spongebob lives next to patrick , a mental starfish who lives inder a rock his furniture made from sand and squidward, a squid that is very irritable and believes he is multitalented; hes a dancer, clarinet player, artist, and singer. he lives in a stone tiki head.
squidward and spongebob work at the krusty krab, where spongebob makes the krabby patty, a form of a cheeseburger, although he doesnt know the secret formula. his frugal boss, mr. krabs (he is a crab), is the only one who knows the formula, and plankton is evil and tries to steal the formula for his failing restaurant, the chum bucket. there is also sandy cheeks, a squirrel who lives in an underwater dome where she has an underwater sanctum in the shape of an igloo filled with air and almost no water. she calls it a tree dome because there is a giant tree right smack in the middle in which she lives. even though i love sandy, she is my favorite, she is rarely seen these days, only in the really old episodes.
i was watching spongebob squarepants the other day and remembered how funny it is for all ages.

my favorite spongebob squarepants episode remains the camping episode, where squidward is repeatedly attacked by a sea bear, and later attacked by a sea rhinoceros.
by your foots faces moms nose July 09, 2010

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