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15 definitions by your father

Some things you don't have to obey...
Road rules? What are those?
by Your father July 12, 2003
A fo five is a .45 caliber handgun. This could be anything from a Colt 1911A1 to a newer Smith and Wesson third generation pistol. A fo five is a pretty big ass bullet, that you don't want no parts of (unless you're not on the recieving end).
That fool ain't stand a chance against that fo five. Left some pretty nasty holes in em.
by Your Father February 05, 2005
To urinate
that yellow stuff that comes out your dick/vagina
"I wanna piss on you" R. Kelly

"I made that fool drink piss" Man on GTA

That was a piss-poor "1" you forged there

He had to take a piss test for cocaine.
by Your father January 14, 2005
A thing that can enlarge your penis
by Your father July 12, 2003
A trick ass bitch who sucks dick for crack. Also, could be used as a trick dyke ho like Ms. Nissel. She has a ho friend Ray-ray, all they want is that AH skeet skeet skeet!!! and someone to actually want them for something besides pussy.
That dirty trick ass dyke skee-ho gave me crabs and detention for insubordination.

Take it like a ho, bitch

You know what, I'ma smack that ho
by Your father January 14, 2005
Porn you can eat...
Honey, I love your pcorn!
by Your father July 12, 2003