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bitch, germany did make the world cup.
Germany lost to England 5-1 in the qualifiers. But then they still made it to final, whereas England got their asses whopped early on. And but "asses whopped" I mean a 30 yard chip over the english keep and his gay ponytail.
by your dad April 16, 2005
This is a gross habit that people initiate when they are eating. The louder they suck their fingers when they eat, the more horrible and worse it is. There are things to prevent this: see napkin, manners.
If people think childishly sucking on their thumbs or biting their fingernails are nasty and bad habits, then why don't they think the same bout finger licking? What do they all have in common? They all involve fingers in the mouth!!!
by Your Dad December 11, 2004
A hurtful insult or label put on someone by another person. Also known as name-calling, slander, verbal harassment, or teasing. This can also include a name based on a person's reputation, or dirty parody names.
Rob Banks is a name I wouldn't want to be given by my parents. This makes people think I'm an aspiring criminal.
by Your Dad March 21, 2005
One who looks glam from behind but has a face like a dropped meat pie. AKA vl_hessian
Look at that glam, oh fuck she turned around its just vl_hessian
by Your Dad October 03, 2003
a condom that is dripping wet from heavy amounts of sperm, normally frm people like MoonMan
damn moonman stop havin sex with <tool_freak>! he's not a cat
by your dad July 09, 2003
an ugly woman; see MOM
(mom) Clean your room!
(you) Shutup you stupid hag!
by your dad July 09, 2002

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